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Tattoos & Leather Series



Book 5

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After a bad experience with two Doms, Angel left the Lifestyle behind, but it didn't completely leave her. The discovery of her roommate's kinky predilections reminds her how much she misses the thrill and excitement of the power exchange, more so when she receives an invitation to an exclusive BDSM club.

Morgan and Asher like to keep their professional and personal lives separate; few people know of their activities at Decadence, a club for the kinky elite. From the moment they meet the intriguing and irresistible Angel, they are determined to possess her and show her pleasure like she's never known before.

Aware of her history, Morgan and Asher intend to help Angel trust again, and show her that submitting to two trustworthy Doms can help heal her past. Angel may be willing to give her new Masters her body for play, but what about her heart?

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Book 4

A ball-busting corporate attorney, Erika DuBois has been called an Ice Queen...in truth, she's anything but that. Her secret desires would set any man ablaze. However, after growing up in a strict household with a dictator of a military father, Erika refuses to let any man get close enough to crack the wall she's built around herself. She will never let a man have control over her much less dominate her.

Cousins Dawson and Holden Kennedy see right past Ericka's icy outward demeanor. As soon as they meet her, they're determined to warm her up. After she takes the men to dinner to attempt to win their business account, Dawson and Holden have their opportunity. They are stranded with Ericka during a freak ice and snowstorm, the worst storm in three decades in Colorado. Their alone time is the perfect opportunity to light Erika's fire.

A little wine, the company of two gorgeous men, and a game of Truth or Dare, lead Erika straight down the rabbit hole to a place she never thought she'd go. Dawson and Holden break through her barriers and she welcomes the opportunity to turn over control to the dominant men. She's always been in control, always been responsible for so many things...and she finds it liberating to let a man take charge. In this case, two men.

When the storm is over, Erika is angry at herself for letting her control slip—only because that puts her at a disadvantage in winning the Kennedys' account and serving as their attorney. What had she been thinking?

However, Holden and Dawson have other things on their minds, and that includes Erika having a place not just as their attorney, but being in their lives. Permanently.

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Book 3

Flight attendant Tracie Bell's career has her always on the go. Too busy flying from one airport to the next, having already learned the hard lesson about not mixing business with pleasure, Tracie is content with her dark dream lover fantasies and memories of submission past. As for the men in her life, well, they might as well get frequent flier miles for as often as they take flight, never seeming to stick around when she really needs them. It's not that she's bitter about it, but she knows it's inevitable that they always take off and leave her.

But Tracie is not just a play-with-anyone kind of woman. She craves submitting to a Dom and being owned and used for pleasure. Approaching the gate for a pickup flight to Hawaii, Tracie finds herself begrudgingly attracted to not only one but two of her first class passengers, Lucas and Kane.

Lucas Connor and Kane Allen hadn't been sure they were ready to entertain seeing someone again after losing the woman they loved to a violent act more than a year ago. Seeing Tracie's beautiful features blush with her mutual attraction was all it took for them to open to the idea. She's intelligent, caring, sweet, and oh-so-submissive. Problem is she's too skittish to involve herself in any kind of relationship, especially with two men. Even after a night of incredible passion, she runs.

Now Lucas and Kane must show her she's made her mark on their hearts. Forever and always.

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Book 2

Drew Holloway sells sex toys and fetish wear for a living. She's fun, vivacious, confident, and men fall all over themselves to try to get her attention. From her outward appearance, anyone would imagine that Drew's love life was as hot as the products she sells but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Drew is reserved when it comes to men because she knows better than to get involved with someone who will just cheat on her anyway. Because that's what men do. They cheat.

Partners in a successful security consulting firm, Colton James and Dane Packard know what they like when they see it. They've had their eyes on the provocative Drew for some time now. They've even met her on several occasions, but she always manages to stay one step ahead of them. Frustrated with her nonchalant attitude about her own safety, the men have resorted to having her followed at night when she's walking home to her apartment from her "toy shows". Dominant men like Colton and Dane are accustomed to people doing as they say both in and out of the bedroom, but Drew is not going to make their job easier.

When the unthinkable happens, Colton and Dane are there to rescue Drew. Time spent being cared for by the men brings her dangerously close to the edge of not only intense attraction but falling in love with them. Fighting them every step of the way, Drew surprisingly finds freedom and ecstasy in their dominance. But dominant men can cheat just the same as any other man. And when she learns what they've been doing to keep an eye on her, she's not sure she'll ever be able to forgive them.

Dane and Colton must find a way to prove to Drew that she can trust them in all matters and that they belong together.

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Book 1

Megan Faircloth is thankful for her menial job as a typist even if it is the most mundane thing in the world. At least her deceased grandmother would be proud of her. The only bright spots are the days when the stunningly handsome identical twin businessmen stop by the office for appointments with management. She watches them covertly and in quiet moments finds herself thinking about what it would be like to be with both of the gorgeous men at once. Being with two men is her secret fantasy. But good girls don't fantasize about things like that, do they?

Nick and Sean Dorian have had their eyes on Megan for some time. Furtive glances from behind fluttering lashes and delicate blushes, catching her kind words and interactions with her coworkers, have them convinced that she is someone they want to get to know better. Much better. Soon they are pursuing the beautiful redhead with the heart of gold and finding out just how much her fiery personality fires their libidos. She is everything they've ever wanted in a woman. But as twins, Nick and Sean have always shared everything, and Megan will be no exception. Will Megan be the woman they can share their love with forever?

Megan's fantasy comes to life, not only being with two men, but having them dominate her. However, circumstances push her away from the twins. There's a fine line between domination and control. Nick and Sean know they need to temper themselves to allow her to be her own woman and be happy. But they have every intention of convincing Megan that she belongs to them, and only them... The twins intend to have their happily ever after with Megan and they're not about to let her get away.

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