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Jaymie Holland Standalones



Having discovered an attraction to dominance and submission, Amanda Lassiter joins a friend on a trip to a secluded resort in Sedona, Arizona. Cavern Creek Resort caters to an exclusive Dominant clientele, by-invitation-only submissives, and intense BDSM play.

From the first moment Master Neill meets Amanda, she intrigues him but also tests every last bit of his self-control. One thing Neill never does is lose control. With work obligations on his mind, Neill thought to allow Amanda to be chosen by another Dom at the resort's welcome night auction, but once again Neill loses precious control and bids on her. No one will have Amanda but him.

Guiding Amanda through her first BDSM experiences tests Neill's body and mind. Gradually, Neill shapes the submissive Amanda was born to be while drawing out the wounds that she keeps buried deep inside. More than her submission, he wants to heal her wounds and make her whole again.

Conversely, Neill knows that his own wounds will never heal—he is much too scarred from his experiences. The only love or care he ever knew died along with his parents when he was a child. As an adult he can't comprehend what a loving relationship could be like and only his control keeps him sane. But Amanda weakens his control and makes him think that he might just be capable of loving someone.

Even though she has only one week with him, Amanda knows she is falling in love with Master Neill. She hopes he can come to care for her in the same way but is her willing submission and love enough to heal him?

During an intense scene, with Master Neill's control slipping through his fingers, he betrays the only woman he ever knew he could love. With Amanda's trust in Master Neill broken, can she ever forget his actions and forgive him? Or is their love lost forever?

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The Touch


Chandra Singleton has a rare gift that she must keep hidden from the Paranormal Intelligence Agency, PIA, or her life will not be her own. Like her ancestors she would be nothing more than a tool for the government to exploit. Not only must she hide her gift from the PIA, but she has also been forced to spend her life avoiding touching people's hands. The results can be mentally crippling as she sees what the future has in store for them.

Until dark and sexy Wade Branson takes her hand. In that moment she sees her own future... She sees herself with Wade in erotic episode after erotic episode. A total stranger meant to be in her bed.

Wade is an agent for the PIA, but he has a secret. He is a shadow shifter and would be in danger himself if the agency he works for had any idea of what he is and what he is capable of doing. He works from inside the agency to help protect those with paranormal talents.

Passion and desire bring Chandra and Wade together, fulfilling her erotic visions, but putting her in harm's way at the same time. As they fight to protect hundreds of paranorms from exposure, Chandra and Wade face danger and a traitor bent on murder, while finding strength in each other's arms.

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