Sworn to Protect

Now available

Coming 2024

Coming 2025

Coming 2025

Exposed Target

Book 1 now available

Ciara Cruz is engaged to Niko, a man who has become her world—until she sees him murder a senator in cold blood. When she learns Niko belongs to one of the biggest crime families in the Russian mafia, she hands over documents that will put him behind bars forever. The U.S. Marshals Service hides Ciara in WITSEC, but witness protection can’t keep her safe from herself.

U.S. Deputy Marshal Beck Richardson’s new assignment turns out to be a woman from his past, an unrequited childhood love. Somehow, the mafia has located Ciara and has her in its sights. She has a valuable piece of Russian history. Something worth millions—and they want it back.

With the mafia on their trail, Beck and Ciara find sanctuary in each other’s arms, but not for long. The devil is close behind. Beck keeps them one step ahead of certain death…but soon that might not be enough.

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