King Creek Cowboys

Country Frost

Book 8 coming November 14th

In this small-town cowboy romance, will accusations of criminal activity prevent a new business owner, his seriously ill younger sister, and a recently published author from becoming a family?

Leeann McLeod, a product of a large ranching family in the quaint town of King Creek, Arizona, dreams of leaving her X-ray tech job to become a successful author and start a family. Her dream takes a giant leap forward when she secures a three-book deal with a prestigious New York Publisher.

Farrier Porter Gann buys a small ranch outside of town after his parents pass away, and he becomes guardian to his sister, who has cancer. The idea of becoming a father had never occurred to him, and now that he’s looking after a twelve-year-old, he worries his poor parenting skills will affect her recovery.

Porter meets Leeann when he shoes her gelding. He seldom speaks, but that doesn’t matter. With Leeann’s inquisitive nature, she asks enough questions to draw him out of his shell. And when his sister plays matchmaker, their chance meeting turns into a series of holiday outings. The three of them are almost a family.

Porter and Leeann’s relationship seems perfect, until it’s not. When social media posts falsely accuse Porter of being part of an illegal adoption ring, the couple’s world is turned upside down. The situation escalates to physical attacks at Leeann’s first book signing, forcing Porter to make a difficult decision.

Can their Christmas wish come true?

Or will their New Year’s resolutions include getting over a broken heart?

Country Lightning

Book 7

In this cowboy romance, will a florist, who suffered through a thorny past relationship, shut the doors of her new business to follow the man she loves? Even if he’s offered her no promises?

During CJ Jameson’s military years, he discovered he enjoyed traveling the world. Now a civilian, he no longer wants to stay in one place long enough to run the Arizona ranch he inherited. When an entertainment company makes a lucrative offer for his property, provided he rebuilds the ranch to its former state, the only thing standing between him and the life he’s envisioned is a cowgirl and a deathbed promise that both have his emotions tied into knots.

Born into a large, close-knit family, Jillian McLeod has only lived in the small town of King Creek. Now that she’s opened her new business while dating hunky cowboy CJ Jameson, she’s living her dream life. Until she loses someone close to her and CJ finally tells her why he’s rebuilding the ranch. She stayed in a relationship past its expiration date before; she won’t make that mistake again.

Can CJ and Jillian turn their backs on love? Or will someone have to give up their dream?

Country Mist

Book 6

In this cowboy romance, will an event planner who lost a firefighter boyfriend let herself fall for another hero?

When rancher, Tyson Donovan, steps forward to protect a woman from a couple of degenerates closing in on her, he discovers their target is Haylee McLeod. He’s known her since he ran around with her brothers in school but rarely gave her a second thoughtuntil now. The beautiful woman sitting in front of him is no longer a child. When she declares she can take care of herself, her spunk and determination intrigue him.

Tyson is handsome, but he’s also a wild card. His heroic nature sometimes places his life in danger. Haylee lost a boyfriend under horrible circumstances and can’t handle losing anyone else she cares for.

When Tyson places his life in danger one too many times, Haylee confronts him, but he refuses to change. Will they run away from their true feelings? Or will they face their fears and risk their hearts?

Country Monsoon

Book 5

Can a jilted cowboy find true love when his cowgirl keeps one foot out the door?

Abby Buchanan enjoys her job as a rep for her family’s fencing company, traveling to different locations and meeting interesting people. But the pressure is on during this trip to the small town of King Creek, Arizona. Her father and the employees she’s known all her life are depending on her to bring in enough business to save the struggling company. When she meets sexy rancher, and potential client, Brady McLeod, she never expects to fall for a man rooted to his land.

Brady is intrigued by the leggy redhead and can’t get her out of his head. He finds any excuse to spend time with her even though her desire to travel for a living reminds him of the woman who left him at the altar. When the bed and breakfast she’s been staying at burns down, he offers her a room on his ranch.

What starts out as a short-term stay, evolves into something much more.

Tragedy strikes and Abby turns her back on what might have been with Brady. Now it’s up to him to prove they can still be together and that she needs him as much as he needs her.

Country Rain

Book 4

In this cowboy romance, long lost love is given a second and final—chance.

Over the passing years, Rancher Colt McLeod never stopped loving Marlee Fox, but she has refused to speak to him since high school. On a not-so-accidental encounter, he captures her attention and the promise of a dance.

Marlee falls in love with Colt all over again but knows she can’t take another heartbreak like the first. If he betrays her trust one more time, they are over forever.

The girl who broke up Colt and Marlee has returned to the small town of King Creek. Now a grown woman, she stalks him and turns her vengeful attention on Marlee.

Colt will do everything in his power to protect Marlee, even if it means pushing her away to keep her safe.

Country Storm

Book 3

A cowboy veterinarian thought calming injured livestock would prepare him for anything in life, then he fell for a woman facing murder charges.

Rae Fox wants nothing more than to put distance between her and the past—but a judge will only allow an instate move to the small town of King Creek. With her cousin’s help, she maintains some anonymity in between traveling to and from court, where she stands trial for killing an intruder who tried to murder her.

Country vet Bear McLeod spends his time caring for King Creek’s livestock and pets, plus the menagerie on his ranch. When Rae brings in a dog that was hit by a car, he notices her kind heart and beauty. Later, he finds her tending bar in town and tries to get to know her, but she makes it difficult time and time again. That doesn’t stop him.

In this cowboy romance, Bear knows what fear looks like and can see it in Rae’s eyes. She will run the first chance she gets, and love may not be strong enough to hold her back.

Country Thunder

Book 2

In this cowboy romance, a therapist’s fears are stronger than a rancher’s determination to win her heart.

Miranda Hawthorne opens her horse therapy business in the small town of King Creek, Arizona, after leaving her past behind. When working with children and adults with disabilities, she encourages their progress while unconsciously blocking her own recovery. With each passing day, she thickens the wall around her battered heart.

After a stallion throws Justin McLeod’s daughter, he turns to a horse therapist to help her work up the courage to ride again. When Justin meets the beautiful Miranda, he’s intrigued and wants to get to know her better despite the challenges he’ll face as a single father.

Justin soon learns stallions are easier to break than Miranda’s barriers, especially when she avoids spending time with him.

Country Heat

Book 1

When a small-town cowboy falls for a big-city girl, lifestyle differences are the least of their troubles.

As a teenager, Kit Beaumont was homeless in San Francisco, living on the streets with her mom and sister. Now she’s the head chef of an exclusive Los Angeles hotel, but she turns her back on her success to work as a cook on a cattle ranch in the Arizona desert. While trying not to relive old mistakes and her past grief, she holds on tightly to her secrets.

Rancher Carter McLeod knows highly rated chefs don’t take positions like preparing meals for a bunch of cowboys without a good reason. A reason he doesn’t know. His challenge is to keep from falling for the cute blond while he waits for the day she returns to a life where she hobnobbed with celebrities instead of dirt-covered ranch hands.

Kit has no intention of jumping into a relationship with any man, much less her new boss, but she couldn’t have cooked up anything more enticing than Carter.

As feared, this cowboy romance comes to a scorching end when her hidden past comes striding back into her life. And now Carter may never trust her again.

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