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Thank you for joining me at my virtual home on the web. I hope you'll stay a while and check out my sexy cowboys and alpha warriors—and the strong women who make their worlds go 'round.

For your cowboy reading pleasure, enjoy my latest, Country Thunder and Sold on You!!

Country Thunder

Country Thunder

Miranda Hawthorne made a new start in the small town of King Creek, Arizona. She's a horse therapist who works with children and adults with disabilities and is perfectly fine being single and living a fulfilling life helping others. After what her ex put her through, she doesn't need a man, thank you very much.

A stallion threw Justin McLeod's daughter, and she hasn't been able to get back on a horse. On recommendation, he takes his daughter to a horse therapist to help her work up her courage to ride again. The moment Justin meets the beautiful Miranda, he knows he needs to get to know her better. A lot better.

Miranda is determined to keep her distance and stay single. Justin is determined to break down all her barriers and show her she belongs with him.

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Sold on You

Sold on You

Charlee Burke is stuck on a deserted country road the day before Christmas Eve, just as a dangerous winter snowstorm begins to churn above her. She's ducking the family Christmas celebration for some much-needed peace and quiet, so she can't call any of them. Which leaves no one but the last person on earth she wants to call—Ace McBride.

When Charlee's name pops up on his phone, Ace is pleased, but surprised. As much as he teases her, and as mad as she gets at him, he figures she's got to be pretty desperate. Sure enough, she's in need of rescuing. And he's happy to be her white knight.

With the storm coming in fast and hard, Charlee's cabin is the closest shelter. But the weather report says the storm will last for several days. She's not sure she can survive being trapped in such close quarters with Ace for that long. Alone. Ace's relentless teasing might just drive the over-stressed Charlee right over the edge.

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Now you can also enjoy the Dark Sorcery series! You'll find strong witches, sexy and powerful Fae, along with demons that rule the night.

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