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Chey's Books

Deadly Intent | King Creek Cowboys | Armed & Dangerous
Riding Tall | Rough & Ready | Firemen Make It Hotter | Standalones

Riding Tall

The McBrides

Branded for You
Roping Your Heart
Fencing You In
Tying You Down
Playing With You
Crazy For You
Hot For You
Made For You
Held By You
Belong To You
Amazed By You

Deadly Intent (formerly the Lawmen series)

Hidden Prey
Now Available
No Mercy
Now Available
Taking Fire
Now Available
Point Blank
Now Available

Armed & Dangerous


Rough & Ready

The Camerons

Silk & Spurs
Lace & Lassos
Champagne & Chaps
Satin & Saddles
Roses & Rodeo
Lingerie & Lariats
Lipstick & Leather

King Creek Cowboys

Country Heat

Firemen Make It Hotter

Fire and Ice